EX-FAU Group August'03 Newsletter

Hai, all EX-FAU Group members, here comes again to our August newsletter.

FAU News
July Blood Donation Campaign (JBDC)
The FAU JBDC have been successfully held from 14 - 18 July 2003 at College Hall from 9am to 5pm with the total of 2726 donors. Thanks for those that have been giving support for this event.
First Aid Competition
The 3rd FAU First Aid Competition have been successfully organised on 20 July 2003 from 8am to 2pm at college compound. Six teams, that all from First Aid Class training program have been participated in this event. The competition have been divided to 2 parts: Written test and case practical.
FAU Incoming Activities
Leadership Training Camp (LTC)
Any EX-FAU Group members that wish to participate in FAU LTC 2003 may contact the organising chairman, Min Zher 016-4308279. The training camp will be held from 22-25 September 2003 at Dusun Eco Resort, Karak, Pahang. Registration fees are RM 50 for Ex-exco (as guest) and RM75 for ex-members (as participant). Fees are include transportation, accommodation, T-shirt, etc. Registration is base on first come first serve basis. So, be hurry...
Fun Raising
FAU will having a fun raising from 5-7 August 2003 at Canteen 2 Dining Hall. On 16 August 2003, FAU will also having a flower selling for convocation. So don't forget to buy one from FAU before attend your friends convocation.. or for your love one...
EX-FAU Group News
EX-FAU Group Membership
Start from 26 June 2003, the membership of EX-FAU Group have been opened to all FAU ex-members. All ex-members of FAU may register themselves as our group member through our website for FREE... All group members' name and email have been published online. You may check whether your friends have join our group or not through our site. So, inform your friends to join us now!!!
Let us know what you know
How much you know about FAU? Why FAU logo is in triangle shape? Why 'TO SERVE'? Who have been holding position as an FAU executive committee......What???... Why???... When???... Who???... Where???... How???...  Let us know what you know about FAU, from committee, activities, structure, program, ...... Please send us your content and also photo (if) to us.

Attention: Due to the college examination will be started from 28 August till 13 September, the September Newsletter may be delay in sending out.